[Digital Tire Warmers]


Rear Tire Size:


Maintain tires at optimal racing temperature. Sold in pairs with specified rear and 120 front.

Instructions and user manual included
Carry bag included
1 front warmer and 1 rear warmer

Each warmer has it's own controller
Temp adjustable by 1 degree.
Device shows real time temp, when set temp is reached output led shuts off
Functions include:
Low set point: -40°F ~set temp
Higher set point: set temp ~210°F
Temp hysteresis: 1°F~36°F
Start delay: 0~10min
Offset on room temp.: -18°F ~18°F

CE product 115v system (US plug) 10A circuit required
Range of set temp -40 to about 210°F accuracy of +-2°F (factory default at 61°F; most teams run around 170°F)
Range of display temp -45 to about 210°F